Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daddy Felt It Too!

It's been just over a week since I started to feel the little one moving. Since then, I've been anticipating the time when Pete would be able to feel a little movement, too. Last night it happened! We were watching the beginning of season 3 of "Lost" (so good!) when I felt a strong little kick. Up to this point I hadn't been able to feel anything from the outside, so I didn't expect him to be able to, either. I had him push on the spot and the baby kicked! He felt it!

The little one is definitely getting bigger and stronger. I'm rarely feeling the little flutters I felt the first few days. They've now escalated into little taps. We played our first game this morning. I pushed lightly on my lower belly and a moment later a little tap echoed back. This happened three or four times. It was like our first interaction! Oh, the baby must know I'm writing about it because it just started squirming again. I love those movements!

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  1. That is so exciting you guys! We are sitting here reminiscing about the same days when we first felt "Littlefoot" moving...this is a special time in your life!
    Matt was told back when we were pregnant that it was his job to come up with a prenatal baby name, so we are now passing on that advice. Pete, take your job seriously and think about the possibilities before settling on something great! Keep up the postings--we love following along!


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