Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Friday: Miss Malena Turns 4!

Earlier this month, we celebrated our niece Malena's 4th birthday.

It also happened to be her golden birthday, so my sister set the room in lots of gold and dressed our dear Malena in a beautiful, princessy dress to make the occasion extra special.

Sammy & Papa got some cuddles during the party.

It's fun when I'm able to make cupcakes for such special occasions.

Sammy loves his auntie & uncle!

Malena's friend Jonne arrived at the party with an extra special treat for her - two Texas donuts and a whole lotta ice cream for the middle. Let me tell you, Jonne won himself instant fame with every kid at the party. Smart man, that Jonne. Malena was thrilled.

It was a very happy birthday for Miss Malena. It was wonderful to see her having such a great time, particularly because it has not been an easy six months for her. When we were in Kenya, a tumor was discovered in Malena's brain, and just days before we returned to Minnesota, she underwent a biopsy (which I wrote about HERE). Though cancer was ruled out, they were not able to determine exactly what it was. My sister and the doctors have since been attempting to treat the symptoms of the pressure the tumor puts on her brain. She has to have her fluid intake strictly controlled. Her body is constantly telling her that she is thirsty, but when she drinks, her sodium levels get thrown, which could result in a seizure. The tumor is also effecting her metabolism and weight. My sister does what she can to keep that in check, but a lot of it is beyond her control at this point. Fortunately, Malena has been able to get in at another children's hospital for a second look. They'll be doing another biopsy next month. Please pray with us that there will be answers following this next biopsy. My dear sister, Becky, and her girls have been through a lot. Becky is an incredible mom and I'm asking Jesus to wipe this thing out and for Malena to get to be a healthy little girl. She is the absolute sweetest thing. She really is.

Thank you, friends.

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