Thursday, May 30, 2013

On Being Intentional

I've spent a lot of time contemplating the need for intentionality in my life. Since graduating, I've thought about it far more. It probably has to do with the time I have available now to actually be intentional. What do I mean, exactly, by being intentional? Being purposeful, which requires thought and planning. It has a lot to do with the goals I set out to achieve. They can't be accomplished without some intentional actions. Even little steps toward each goal have to be intentional. I get a bit excited about it when I really think of all the opportunities to be intentional. I can be intentional in my mairriage, my interatictions with Ella and Sam, my time with God, my fitness and health, my relationships with friends. The list goes on and on. Because the list is endless, I have to be intentional with my list of intentional actions. (Whoa, that's deep.) That's why I try to always compare my list of intentions with my personal goals and values. I can't possibly do everything I would like to do, but if I'm spending time doing the things that line up with my values, I know my time is being spent the best way possible.

Sammy showing of his new straw-drinking skills

Here's a great example that just happened. I was sent a link to an article that covers a few areas I would like to be more intentional about. Things like reading challenging articles, reading Christian-based articles, and reading on the topic of Down syndrome. It's pretty much a win-win when one article can cover that much!

The article, by the way, was News Flash: Not Everyone with Down Syndrome Is Suffering and appeared on Christianity Today. I highly recommend taking a moment to read it.

I'd love to hear what you hope to be more intentional about. Sometimes just writing it or telling someone can get us a step closer to making it happen. And hearing from others on this stuff is always very encouraging on my own path.


So, tomorrow my little brother is getting married. What?! I'm super excited. His girl, Valerie, is exactly the girl I've always hoped and prayed he would marry. It's an outdoor wedding here in Duluth, so we're praying it doesn't rain between 7pm and 10pm. Ella is a flower girl and Sam is a ring bearer. I'm a bridesmaid and making the cake and cupcakes. I couldn't pass on the opportunity to make the cupcakes for my Jakey Wakey's wedding. (He'll be thrilled I just called him that.) Jake and Valerie are two very cool cats with some pretty crazy friends. All I'll say for now is that a whole lot of lights have been strung in the trees and they've brewed a batch of beer for the reception. I can. not. wait.

my typewriter may be playing the role of 'guestbook' at the wedding

PS. I couldn't resist calling Jake & Valerie two very cool cats after hearing the term "cats" discussed at length on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. They fit the term perfectly.


  1. You know, I've been thinking about that word 'intentional' rather a lot lately. For me, it's mainly about the way I mother - I want to be present and engaged. I may not be doing back to back craft activities or always going to fun places, but I want to say 'yes' when someone asks me to read a story, even when I feel too busy, or little things that will make a difference to their lives.

    Can't wait to hear your rundown on the wedding! Love family weddings - such great celebrations x

  2. What an encouragement on being intentional. :) I know that my time is so divided now that I'm a mom, and I've had to reevaluate my time and priorities and cut some things out. That was a great article that you posted on DS. And I love your old type writer!


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