Monday, December 19, 2011

Growing Up

Sometimes I look at Ella and am amazed with how quickly she's growing up. She's my baby! The girlie is saying more every day and understands far more than I often realize.

Here we were getting ready to head out the door to meet Daddy at work for dinner. She was sitting on the step looking so grown up in her little pea coat and sweat shirt.

My favorite phrase she's been using lately is "Doin' up there?" Imagine her saying it in a high-pitched voice. That's exactly how she says it every time. And it doesn't matter where were are, whether we up or down or standing right next to her. "Mama, doin' up there?" she'll ask as I'm standing next to her in the kitchen. "Daddy, doin' up there?" she'll yell from the bottom of the stairs while waiting to take Pete to work. "Ella, doin' up there?" she asks when she wants us to ask her what she's doing. It always makes me smile.

And here she was practicing her letters. While I'm doing homework on the computer, she'll come up and ask "Ella ABC? ABC, Mama?" That means she wants a blank Word document to type. It's been a fun way to learn letters.

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