Monday, July 18, 2011

A Cupcake Birthday Party

The sugar high has passed, so I think it's finally time to post a few (well, more than just a few) pictures of Miss Ella's 2nd birthday party. I spent a few days one week of my school break to make all the decorations, which turned out to be a smart move. Once the party rolled around, I was so busy with school that it would have been impossible to do any decorating at all.

Welcome to the birthday party!

Instead of balloons, we hung white paper lanterns in the big tree out front.

These paper fans welcomed guests over the front door.

We didn't spend any time at all in the living room, but this bunting was hung over the fireplace. Not sure if anyone saw it. That's okay, though! I made it from fabric, so it will now hang in Ella's room.

My favorite was the strawberry fabric.

These party hats were made from heavy scrapbook paper with ribbon sewn across the bottom.

Miss Ella had her own cupcake party hat!

The cupcake bar...

...with 3 cake flavors and 4 frosting flavors...

...and lots of sprinkles and candy toppings.

The front of the party table.

Bubbles and chalk in the back yard!

Some of our party friends.

Finally time to EAT the cupcakes! Ella had her very own jumbo cake.

Ella preferred sitting in the middle of the floor than in her chair. We went with it! She was the birthday girl, after all.

Elias was super excited about his cupcake.

Look at that creation! Amazing!

Miss Malena enjoyed her cupcake on the floor near Ella.

Mama Bex and Malena.

A wagon full of gifts!

The girl knows her style!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who was able to join us for the party! We had a great time!

*thanks to Auntie Kristin for a few of the birthday pictures*

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