Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remembering Great-Grandpa Scott

Yesterday we said goodbye to my Grandpa Scott (Ella's great-grandpa) during a beautiful, small ceremony near Sturgeon Lake. Grandpa was a great man who experienced a lot in his life. We'll surely miss him, but we'll always have amazing memories of our time together.

This picture was taken at a park in St Cloud nearly four years ago. These are most of my siblings and cousins on the Scott side. Aren't my grandparents adorable? I love them so much.

A few of my favorite memories of Grandpa Scott:
  • playing in the yard at the house where my dad grew up in Richfield
  • going to Twins games
  • his wave in the driveway every time we left his house
  • the doll house he made for Becky & I when we were little
  • riding in his big car on city streets
  • the penny m&m machine that was also a lamp
  • his pretend British accent before he'd kiss the back of my hand
  • his drawings
  • the Snow White & Nutcracker collections
  • fishing on the pontoon while eating Sun Chips & drinking root beer
  • Pass the Pigs
  • Thanksgiving dinner with the football game on
I'm going to keep adding to this list. It makes me happy to think of all the things we did together.

We'll miss you, Grandpa, but we'll see you again.

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