Friday, May 13, 2011


Last Tuesday I had the grand privilege of creating just over 200 cupcakes for a giant celebration here in Duluth. The event was to celebrate our pastors' three kids. Two graduations and a birthday. I'd say that's reason to celebrate!

These beauties were a first for me. I don't feel like the picture adequately captured the color, which could be described as mango. The flavor, however, was almond. So yummy.

These raspberry cakes were the first to go. White cake filled with real raspberries, covered in raspberry frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Topped with a raspberry...of course.

One of my personal faves is this dark chocolate cake with mocha frosting, topped with an espresso bean.

For someone who loves candy, you can't beat vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting, topped with gummy bears and Mike n Ikes. Sugar, anyone?

Mint and chocolate are a lovely combination. These babies were finished with a mini Oreo.

This was the first time I've ventured into the world of peanut butter and chocolate on a cupcake. Why did I wait so long? Absolutely delish. Chocolate cake, chocolate-peanut butter frosting, topped with Reese's cups and Reese's pieces. Heavenly for any peanut butter lover.

You can see Sierra's table with the mango-colored and raspberry cupcakes. Congrats on your college graduation, Sierra!

Jackson, excellent choice on the candy-covered and mocha cakes. Way to sacrifice and allow your table to hold the mocha cupcakes, since I know you're not a coffee fan. Your party guests loved them! PS...Happy 23rd birthday!

And Jericho, these are two of my favorite combinations: chocolate mint & chocolate peanut butter. Congratulations, high school grad!

I love baking! I know that's no surprise, but it's different when I get to bake for new people. It's thrilling to watch so many people enjoying something I made. And I must say, Ella was an angel as I worked to frost and decorate all the cakes at the venue before the party. She sat and watched me and enjoyed a movie. She's a wonderful little kitchen assistant!


  1. those look amazing and delicious!!!
    And i'd agree with the choc. mint and choc. pb. some of my favorite but i'd have to check out the choc. /mocha too. way to go!


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