Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New/Old Dress

I love dressing up for parties. Love love. I don't doubt it comes from theatre experiences and all the amazing costumes I've had the privilege of wearing since I was little. Basically, if there is a theme, I'm so dressing up.

Just such a party came up two weekends ago. Theme? Roller disco. That's exactly what it was. A roller disco with skates and snow cones and the Hokey Pokey. It was at the church. Yeah, pics to come. Now, before you look at this dress and say, Ang, that is so NOT roller disco, let me assure you that I'm aware of the fact. Here's what happened. Pete & I went out looking for something for me to wear to the party (Nana & Bapa Olsen were with Ella, so we considered this a hot date). There was a store I wanted to check out that I thought might have what I was looking for, so we headed to Obscurities on 4th Street. If you're from Duluth, you may or may not be aware of its existence. Not many people I know have been there. Kinda one of those sketchy places from the outside. Looks like they just run it out of their house. Anyway, Pete was with me so I was a bit more brave than I would have been on my own. So glad we went! As soon as we walked it, I knew I was going to find something.

And find something I did. Hanging from the window in the front room was this amazing little orange number. So very 60s. But would it work for a roller disco party? After looking through the rest of the store and choosing a couple different outfits, I tried everything on and pretty much fell in love with this one. I'd make it work. Here was my thought: I'm going to wear it one night for a disco, right? So big deal if I'm a few years off on the fashion train. After that, I'd be able to wear it for whatever I felt like. So I went with it. Yeah, I would have loved to wear a sign on my back at the party that said I realized I was total 60s, but why apologize, right?

The only change I needed to make before the party was to shorten the hem. That's nothing new in my world, being a whole 5 feet 2 inches. (I do completely enjoy being on the shorter side, mind you.) The hem originally fell right in the middle of my calves, but I took it up to just above my knees. I tucked the extra 8 inches up in the hem so I can change it in the future if need be. (You can see Ella's little helping hands in the work shot above.)

I paired it with black opaque tights and tall black boots. I'm a big fan of the collar and sleeves. There's a chance I'll do more alterations eventually, but I'm not exactly sure what. Take off the collar? Remove the sleeves? For now, I like it just the way it is.

Never mind roller disco. I've got a new 60s frock. And I like it.

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