Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

It's an arguable point across the state: You just can't end the summer without visiting the Great Minnesota Get-Together. The State Fair has been a family tradition since I was little. There are only a few times I haven't been able to make it. This summer was no different. Last Monday Ella and I picked up Mama Bex and Malena and drove down to St Paul where we met up with my older brother Mike, Grandma & Grandpa Scott, my aunt Shannon and her two kiddos, and Great-Grandma Scott. It was a hot, hot day so we had plenty of all-you-can-drink milk for a buck and moved from one shady spot to another. By the end of our 9 hours at the fair, we were hot & sticky, the girls were sleeping in their strollers, and no one wanted to even think about another glass of milk, even if it was chocolate. Another year, another visit, and we're already looking forward to joining everyone again next year at the good ol' Minnesota State Fair.

Ella and Malena love spending time with their Uncle Mike. I'm not sure what they were looking at, though.

After we shed the dress, Ella enjoyed her cone from the Dairy Building.

Daddy had to work during the fair this year, so we were able to visit nearly all of the animal buildings. (Pete is horribly allergic.) Ella & I wandered inside with Grandma & Grandpa Scott to make a few new friends. Here's Miss Sheep.

And this is Mr. Pig. Ella didn't like when his big nose got too close.

And here's Junior Cow. I think this little guy was Ella's favorite.

Two wee cousins cooling off at the fair.

All-You-Can-Drink Milk! I lost count of how many glasses we had this year. Ella had at least two in her sippy cup.

This doll is my cousin Alaina. Those of you who were at our wedding will remember her as the adorable flower girl who spun in circles at the front of the church after her walk up the isle. She starts first grade this week!

Those feet were made for walking. And getting dirty.

Grandma Scott & Mama Bex. Aren't they cute?!

Can you really visit the fair and not eat something on a stick? After all, that's what the Minnesota State Fair is known for. Ella and I shared this Pronto Pup for dinner, along with a glass of milk, of course.

This is what remained of the crew by the end of our long day. (Plus Grandma Scott. She was taking the pic.) Nice work, everyone! We conquered the fair once again! We'll be back next year to do it all over again.


  1. I'm so so jealous. Going to the state fair was a family tradition for me, too, but Erik and I have never been since we've been married. I've begged Erik for WEEKS to take me this year, but again, he was too busy. :( Maybe next year! It looks like you guys had a great time! Ella seemed to enjoy it, even if it was hot!

  2. It was a hot day but it was really cool too. Everyone was on their best fair behavior... I mean eating at every booth. I can't wait till next year when I will again try to keep up with Ella!!


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