Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Many Uses of Quaker Oats

This week Ella's favorite toy is an empty canister of oatmeal. She was playing in the kitchen the other day while I was baking, so I plopped the canister on the floor in front of her. Who would have known there were so many hours of enjoyment to be had from Quaker Oats? I mean, think of all the possibilities. If it's upright, it can be knocked over with a pretty cool sound. Then it rolls across the floor. Once it's grabbed (which isn't that easy for little hands and arms) the top can pop off, which opens a whole world of options. What if something is inside the canister? What if it's empty? And what do you do with the lid? See, endless hours of fun.

Another new-found favorite: the kitchen floor. Ella has discovered that if she slaps the linoleum and slides her hand toward herself, it squeaks. Such fun! It's pretty cute to see her little hand slap the floor over and over. Again, who would have guessed?

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