Friday, November 6, 2009

Water Bug

Today is the last day of our three-week hotel stay in Duluth. Pete had a great time during his family medicine rotation. He met lots of people and made many connections that we hope will be beneficial in our effort to get back to Duluth for residency. We won't find out where we'll be moving until March, so we're doing all we can to up our chances.
It's been an adventure living in a hotel with a four-month-old for three weeks! We were really fortunate and were able to stay in a room with a sleeping area on one end and a sitting area on the other. Ella definitely knew that we weren't at home and had a hard time sleeping many nights. I think she's used to it now and has been doing much better. I feel a little bad that now that she's getting used to it, we're moving to a different hotel. We'll be down in Canal Park for two nights. Sunday we head home.
The hotel we've been staying in has a huge water park, so we knew this would be a perfect time to take Ella for her first swim. We ended up going four times. I think her favorite part was the lazy river. We put her on top of an intertube while we floated. With all her time in the water, she never fussed once. We've got a little water bug!

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  1. You guys are so lucky to be able to go with him on his rotations! How much fun is that?!! Makes the medical school journey much more a family thing. :)


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