Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Surprise Birthday!

Last Sunday my amazing husband surprised me with a party to celebrate my upcoming golden birthday! I really can't say that it was just a party that he planned. He actually planned the entire day. What a man!
The day began with a spa pedicure with Jess. Apparently, she had been in on the planning. When she dropped me off at home, I walked into an apartment filled with friends. We ate Famous Dave's and had two beautiful cakes. Following the gathering at our apartment, Pete, Ella & I went with Beth & Brian on a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi in St. Paul. It was a gorgeous afternoon. The surprises continued when Beth & Brian stayed at our place to watch Ella while Pete took me to one of our favorite little towns, Stillwater. I soon discovered that there is a gentleman in Stillwater who owns an old, Italian gondola and takes people down the river. We enjoyed a picnic of cheese, crackers, and fruit during our hour-long boat ride. It was such a treat to have a date alone with my handsome husband.
I was completely surprised and had an amazing golden birthday party!

Famous Dave's (my favorite!)

3 candles. 25 short but so pretty

Ella had a good time on the riverboat
the gondola in Stillwater

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