Monday, May 4, 2009

The Belly!

Last week at our birth class, Pete had the opportunity to sort of find out what it's like to carry around a baby belly. He got to wear the Empathy Belly. It comes complete with a band around the chest to make it difficult to take deep breaths, lead balls in the belly area, and a warm water pouch that pushes against the bladder. I noticed that one of the major things it doesn't do is inhibit the use of ab muscles. They'll figure out something for that later. He was such a good sport!

getting into the belly
belly to belly

Pete's first craving??


  1. Lookin' good Pete! Or as Charlotte calls you, Peep. She talks about you at least once a day, which means you'll have to come for another visit soon!

  2. How long did you make him wear it Angie? That sounds like a sophisticated piece of equipment. Our childbirthing, etc. class didn't have anything like that. I think they just had a fake boob, where the nipple pulled in and out to show differences...or something like that. Yours sounds a bit more complete! Almost there, right, 5 more weeks or so?

  3. Peter, now that's the way to show empathy for my little Angie. Love Grandpa


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