Friday, December 26, 2008

We're Having a Baby!

We're finally sharing the news! We decided right from the beginning that we wanted to wait until Christmas to let anyone know that we're expecting, which made for an incredible holiday with our families. We first drove to Marshfield, Wisconsin to be with Pete's family for Christmas Eve. This will be the first grandchild for the Olsens. On Christmas morning we made the six hour trek to Pequot Lakes, Minnesota to share the news with my family. With 20 people in the room, the announcement made quite the commotion. Today we're on our way to Duluth to continue to share the news with friends.

We could not be happier to know that in just 5 1/2 months we're going to be parents. There have been lots of milestones already, and we know there are so many more to come. We first heard the baby's heart beat on December 3 when Pete took me to the clinic after hours so we could be the first to hear it. Pete used his doppler and took no time at all finding the rhythm. What an incredible sound! There really is a baby in there! The very next day we had our 12 week appointment with our OB and finally got to see our little one. The first thing we saw the baby doing? Sit ups! It was moving and moving. Then the baby settled into a still position and seemed quite content as we watched it bring one hand up to it's mouth and then the other. Sucking it's thumb already! Pete was able to take a few of the sweetest pictures.

I'm currently 15 weeks along and there's definitely a little bump growing. Once our friends know after the next couple of days, I'll be happy to show it off. Pete already bought me a couple of cute dresses and shirts. Fortunately, my regular jeans still fit just fine, but we'll see how long that lasts. The baby is now getting close to the size of a grapefruit and will be developing the ability to hear this week! I'll be sure to have Pete sing to my belly as often as possible.

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